Travel Tips to Sweden for Budget Travelers

Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries, probably with an area twice that of California or Britain, and yet, surprisingly, this colossal country is only inhabited by just over nine million Swedes. The lovely land boasts of frozen lands, vast green forests, crystal-clear lakes, rich history and culture, and enviable and open locals. While the country speaks of beauty and warm openness, visiting Sweden is not really cheap. Here are some travel tips to Sweden that you can read through and follow before visiting the country that is named by travel sites as one of the most stunning places in the world.


Accommodations, like everything else in Sweden, don’t come cheap. The most basic of hostels can cost you around $35 USD overnight, while a simple twin private room can cost up to $100 USD. There is also a surcharge of $6 USD for additional bed linen. If you’re planning to stay in the best hotels in Sweden like in the Grand Hotel Stockholm, prepare to pay over $1,000 USD for your first night in the city. Camping is another option for budget travelers and setting up camp only costs around $8 UD per night in some camping parks. hotels_sweden

Traveling in the Country

Travel cost in Sweden can catch unprepared tourists off guard. Most trains in the city cost up to $75, while a long-haul trip can cost up to $150 USD. The best way to get around in less than $10 USD is if you book buses three to four weeks advance. If not, you may end up paying up to $50 USD for a bus ride and about $40 USD for a ferry ride. Buying a rail pass and a city tourism card before arriving in the country can also save you a few hundred dollars. Getting a metro card is also recommended if you don’t plan on getting a tourist card. A metro card lets you ride the train for a week for only $45, which is a lot cheaper compared to purchasing a single ticket for every ride at $7 USD.


Restaurants in Sweden are very expensive. A nice sit-down resto meal starts at $20 USD for the main course, while a box of pizza starts at $13 USD. The only time where you can eat a rather inexpensive meal is during lunch, as most restaurants and buffet offer set meals for about $13 USD. Make sure to eat a lot during lunch as it’s the best time to eat a meal in the country. Even locals enjoy these set meals. You can also eat at street food stalls. Most food vendors offer a decent variety of food for $8 USD a meal.

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