3 Sensible Solutions when you get locked out

What do you do when you get locked out of your own house? Do you say, “Are there any best locksmiths near me?” Do you run around and circles trying to remember if you have a spare key? It’s a frustrating situation to get in to and can cause anxiety and panic attacks if you face this kind of situation. John Johnson, co-founder and CEO of August, a smart lock company reveals that millions of us face this predicament every year. “2 million people. 2 million people were locked out of their homes last year,” said Johnson to Business Insider Australia

Without a spare key and without friends and relatives to help, are there other ways to solve this predicament? For sure, there are locksmiths in Sydney that can immediately provide the help you need. But what if you want to hack it yourself? “Is there a way to do it on my own first?” you might ask. There are a couple of ways to do it on your own but before doing it, make sure you are not violating any laws. And only do this with the permission of your landlord if you are renting.

Check for other open doors or windows

At first, you might say, “I don’t need the best locksmiths near me. I can do this.” With much confidence and wit, you might just. If you remember your house well, the first thing to do is check your property if there are any doors or windows left open. Typically, bathroom windows and sliding doors are always left open. Next is to check the window nearest the locked door. The back door or kitchen door is also worth checking.

Get a lock pick set

If you’re feeling a little bit crafty, using a lock pick set might interest you. How cool is it to be your own locksmith right? Lock pick sets cost around AU$20 to AU$50 on Amazon. Note that while it is not illegal to own one, it can be used as evidence against you if you get caught up in some naughty and illegal activities. So make sure to use this for the right reasons.

Break the lock

“What if the best locksmiths near me are not available?” you might ask. In cases like this, while highly discouraged, you may need to resort to applying some force and break the actual door apart. If the doorknob is cheap and standard, whacking it hard with a claw hammer would do. This will destroy the lock mechanism allowing you access to your house. 

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