I’m one of the lucky few who get to travel not because of business or some necessity at work but because of pleasure. It’s a great way to get to know the different cultures and meet so many people from different parts of the globe.

Even when I was a young kid in high school, I have already been in love with the prospect of strolling down a beautiful street in some tiny village that I haven’t been to. I would read countless books trying to get as much information about world renowned tourist destinations. I would sigh in both pleasure and envy when I watch hosts of travel shows munch on some mouth-watering delicacy in some small town that they are visiting hundreds of miles away from where I am.

When I finally got the chance to do so some years back, I was more than thrilled. I wanted to explore, to appreciate and to learn. Little did I know that my travels would lead to discovering myself.

The next best thing about traveling around the world is that I get to share my experiences on this blog. So here it is – a compilation of what I saw, what I think and what I felt about my journeys.

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