Explore European Culture on School Trips to Vienna

For educators looking for a rousing end of the line for school outings, look no more distant than Vienna, a city rich in culture and history. Pressed with taking in potential for a wide mixture of subjects, Austria’s capital is a delightful and energizing community for craftsmanship and learning. Its notorious Baroque building design loans it a modern environment, while its vibrant and assorted culture is certain to give students new viewpoints on Europe and the world. For a portion of the courses in which Vienna can amuse and edify adolescent learners, read on. vienna

With old Roman and Celtic roots, Vienna has seen numerous periods and progressions, flourishing as a Medieval city and later as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before developing into the excellent advanced city that guests can see today. The sum of this makes it a fortune trove for anybody with an enthusiasm toward history, and an awesome illustration for helping students on school outings like the development and conversion that happens crosswise over hundreds of years. Leftovers of more seasoned times might be found all around the city, some of them covered up close to the most popular sights. The Romanesque St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a spectacular building in itself, yet just as intriguing is the covered Vergilius Chapel, which was ran across throughout the development of the thirteenth century Stephansplatz Underground station, and might be seen from the station. The previous royal habitation, the Hofburg Palace, likewise dates from the thirteenth century, while directly over the road you can discover an uncovered area of the aged Roman city.

Vienna is known as the City of Music, having facilitated a percentage of the world’s most incredible established arrangers; with its celebrated shows and spectacular State Opera it is a phenomenal terminus for music students’ school treks. Its masterful legacy is likewise amazing, with the prestigious Belvedere Gallery lodging works by some of Europe’s most famous craftsmen, including Gustav Klimt. Craft students will be captivated by the legacy of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of Austria’s most renowned specialists, whose canvases and structures stress magnificence and environmentalism; a visit to the Hundertwasser Haus, a square of condo he planned, is sure to give a lot of spark.

Those students researching European culture, or mulling over German as a MFL can additionally profit from school excursions to Vienna. A notable gathering point for realms and cultures, Vienna remains an interesting blend, with a lot of chances to research commercial concerns, governmental issues and culture. For dialect learners, in the interim, it is brimming with approaches to test and solidify students’ vocabulary and skills, whether by shopping with the locals, touring the sights with a German manual, or requesting a portion of the city’s incredible food in a restaurant. It is likewise a great opportunity to research varieties in dialects, as students will uncover the one of a kind components of Austrian German.

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Tuscany Vacation

There is something so tranquil and relaxing about Tuscany. It’s very much like the English countryside with its rolling hills, patches of greenery and beautiful mansions but so different at the same time. The fact is, there is nothing in the world like Tuscany so if you find yourself in Italy, make sure that you drive your car rental Italy here and go for sightseeing, even if you have a small budget.

There are numerous places that you can visit in this picturesque town and so many more activities to do and join in. Here are some of them:


florenceThe capital of Tuscany is one of the most famous cities all over Italy even during the Renaissance. You should go to the piazzas of Buomo and Baptistery and visit the grand palaces and gardens owned by the world-renowned Medici family.


This medieval town on a hill is also a favorite among tourists. Check out the Piazza del Campo and see the Torre del Mangia (bell tower). You should also see the Il Palio which is a horse race during the summer.


The Leaning Tower attracts thousands of visitors every year but, there are other things which you can see here like the Italian homes of the English poets Shelley and the romantic Lord Byron.

The Chianti Wine Tour

You should never neglect Chianti when you are in Tuscany. You can drive your cheap car hire in Italy they call it billige autovermietung Italien to this town. The best place you can start in is the Barone Ricasoli Winery. You should also try wine tasting in the Brolio Castle.


This is one of the most well-preserved towns in all of Italy. It would be better if you parked your car outside the walls of the city and then walked inside. If that is too tiring for you, hire a bike instead. Ask some of the locals to allow you to go up on the roof of their houses so that you can view the picturesque scenery of the whole city.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to find a cheap car rental in Italy. Most companies will charge €1000 on your credit card as deposit for possible car damages. You’ll get this back when you return your vehicle but, with expensive rates and high gas prices, your expenses might be too much.

But, if you want comfort and convenience during your exploration of Tuscany, then you should save up for this. Besides, you will get to see and do more if you have your own transport.

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Framing Italy: Places Photographers Should Visit

Italy can be summed up in a few words: Great History, Amazing Architecture, Scrumptious Food (and perhaps, the best wines). Photographers will surely have a lot of fun during their vacation because there are just so many places to go and a whole lot of things to see. Here are some of the best tourist destinations that you should go to if you travel to Italy:

The Canals of Venice

Venice is the crown jewel of all water cities in the world. This may be due to the beautiful homes and buildings lining the main waterway or canal. The grand Italian architecture, the wonderful bridges traversing over the canals, and even the talented gondoliers singing some operatic piece would be great subjects for your photos.

The perfect time of the day to come here is at nighttime when the lamps along the Grand Canal are turned on giving the place a romantic glow. You don’t even need studio lights for this.

italytowerPiazza del Campo

Located in Siena in Tuscany, this is one of the biggest and oldest medieval squares in the whole world. Despite the fact that people still reside in this area that, by the way is a World Heritage Site, they have maintained the integrity and beauty of the original architecture.

To get a panoramic shot the whole place, you might want to ask for filming permission from the locals to go up to one of the towers. That still is the best vantage point, after all.

Italy’s Sea Side Retreats 

When it comes to seascapes, this country has some of the most enviable in the whole world. Capri, the Italian Riviera, Sicily and Sardinia are just some of these beautiful coastal spots. If you want adventure, you can strap the flycam on your car and drive up the narrow, zigzag roads of the Amalfi coast.

Although it’s not by the sea, we’ll have to mention the wonderful Lake Como that is a vacationer’s paradise up the mountains of the Italian Lake District.


The capital city of Italy has maintained its very long history and immensely rich culture that started way back and 510 BC. You can still see the grandeur of this ancient city as evidenced by some of the most popular structures which still stand up to this day.

Take your video camera and follow focus then drive around town to see places like the Colosseum, the ancient Villa dei Quintili that was the home of an emperor, the Palatine Hill, the Vatican Museums and so many more.

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