Ways to Immortalize Your Special Day

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments no one should miss but how can you make it last a lifetime? Is it just by having the best wedding photos? Don’t worry, we have more tricks on how you can make each moment immortalized and we’re going to share them with you here.

There are special days like weddings that only happen once. Such an event is also special because there are a lot of things that happen that no one would want to miss and forget. It’s a good thing that there are some ways to make them last forever. Yes, you read it right. Thanks to the advancements in our technology and to the creativity of some people, it is possible.

First, we have wedding photography. The most popular and basic way to document special days like weddings is by having the best wedding photos. You can ask your photographers to capture every emotional reaction, ask them to capture creative poses, etc. But aside from that, some studios and photographers now offer photo booth services with added props that you and your partner, as well as your guests, will enjoy. You can also have photo flipbooks where you can make your photos seem to move by flipping the pages.

Aside from hiring a professional photographer to have the best wedding photos to look back to after your special day, you can also opt for wedding videography. This one is starting to gain more and more attention because of the unique experience that it can bring. You see, with photos, for instance, all you can get to see is your guest crying or laughing but this won’t remind you what made them react like that. But with videography, you can even get to laugh with your loved ones because everything is recorded on tape – you’ll hear the jokes, the music – everything. And this can also tell more stories than photos.

In addition to hiring the best wedding photographer and/or videographer, you can also ask your guests to take photos during your wedding. You can add some “quests” to your invitation and ask them to take photos of the bride walking the aisle, the groom crying, photos of the parents, the entourage, etc. and ask them to upload the photos with your wedding hashtag. It’s not just a way to make some noise about your wedding but you can also get to control your guests from taking photos, make them have more fun, and let them take their Auckland wedding photography to a new level.

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