DIY: Car Airbags

If considering to have a  replacement of your suspension system regardless of the purpose – for hauling, towing or for “cool” design, there’s nothing that provides your purpose other than having air suspension kit. Here is how you install it:

4 Wheel Drive AirbagsA vehicle’s suspension system is designed mainly to make the ride comfortable while providing just enough strength to carry load within specified limits set by the manufacturer. When it is overloaded, some components may give in, resulting in mechanical failure and in turn compromise safety. Nobody wants to get involved in an accident. Owners who need to load more cargo than what the vehicle can handle have to install Air Lift airbags.

Just like other components of a vehicle, an air suspension system needs maintenance. Sometimes the pump needs servicing after a certain period of time. There are also instances where the air bags or the lines have leaks because of wear and tear. When the vehicle is often used off road, there could be things along the way that can pierce the bags. Of course, nobody wants these incidents to occur but being an imperfect world, these incidents are simply unavoidable. 4 wheel drive airbags can still be damaged due to extreme driving or load conditions.

Replacing the airbags is a straightforward affair. In fact, the process is the same as the installation; you just have to do it in reverse and then put the new airbags in. Ideally, the work should be done by the same person that did the installation. The best and easiest thing to do would be to bring the car back to the installers or car shop.

If you want to replace the Firestone Airbags yourself, consult the installation manual if you have any. You have to be aware that switching the old bellows with new ones can be quite a complicated operation and the process can be different depending on the vehicle and its suspension type. Even if the job is complex, replacing airbags can surely be done by anyone as long as they know how to use tools.

Basically, you are going to need a car lift. Using scissor jacks or bottle jacks is out of the question. For the sake of safety, a car lift is necessary. Plenty of other tools are required, as well as plenty of muscle. Obviously it will take some time, too so if you want to be practical, it is better to have the replacement done by professionals. You will be assured of high quality results.

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