Quick travel guide to Sydney, Australia

It’s easy to recognize Sydney as Australia’s famous city. It’s the state capital of New South Wales and one of the world’s most modern metropolitan. Sydney is also the most populated city where an estimated 4.6 million people live.

Understanding Sydney

While Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s famous landmark but there’s more to Sydney than its famous Art center and performance venue. Sydney’s urban area is bordered by the famous and scenic Blue Mountains to the west, Tasmanian Sea to the east, while to the north is Hawkesbury River, and Royal National Parks borders its north area. Since it lies in a coastal basin, Sydney has 70 harbors and ocean beaches. Bondi Beach is one of its famous beaches and considered a world treasure. The Blue Mountains that borders the suburb area is famous for its ski resorts. Blue Mountain Tours offer affordable opportunity to discover and explore this Sydney’s natural treasure.

sydneykangarooWhere to Stay in Sydney

If you are staying for a couple of days, it’s best to stay in Sydney hostels that offers services that fit whatever type of budget you have. Most of these are located along Sydney Harbour, the city center and Sydney business district. For those planning to move in to Sydney for studies or work, flats and Sydney’s apartments offer good accommodation as many are near and within Sydney’s attractions , business district and entertainment places. Many Sydney tours offer accommodation inclusion and it’s a good travel decision to sign up for this kind of offer.

Things to do in Sydney

There are many things to do while in Sydney. Sydney’ central business district where the famous Circular Quay is located is an area of densely concentrated skyscrapers contributing to the awesome skyline of the city. Hyde Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, The Domain Park and Wynyard Park are also located in Sydney CBD offering trekking, camping and sightseeing tours. Many Day Trips from Sydney include trips and picnic adventures in these well-maintained and preserved parks. Walking tours along Darling Harbours and Circular Quay gives opportunity to experience fine as well as frugal dining and shopping. Sydney Opera House offers world class performances and arts exhibits and museum hopping is a good side trips whenever you are in Sydney.

When you’re planning to visit Sydney, a quick read to travel guide would certainly help you get the most from your travel. It’s probably the best travel essential you could readily get.

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