Exploring Katowice in One Day

Katowice, located in the southern part of Poland, is more of a commercial and residential area rather than an actual tourist destination. But very recently, it is enjoying a steady influx of visitors from other parts of the country and the rest of the world.
It is relatively young as a tourist spot so although you’d find good hotels here, most people prefer to tour the place in the day and leave in their car rental after dinner and a few drinks in a local pub.

It would be best if you drove to Katowice as early as possible so that you can see and do more on your adventure.

cckCathedral of Christ the King
This is the largest cathedral in Poland, possibly built in the late 1920s and completed after the Second World War. It features a large dome and beautiful stained glass windows.
You should also pass by the Garrison of St. Casimir, the Archdiocesan Museum and the Church of St. Michael.

Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation
You can drive your cheap car hire here next. This is said to be the most famous attraction in all of Katowice. It has a zoo, a sports stadium, planetarium and numerous amusement grounds.
Another great spot you should visit is the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park. This features tons of wooden buildings constructed years ago.

Silesian Museum
This could be your last stop before you have your dinner. You can see Polish paintings made from the 1800s to the early 20th century exhibited here. A gallery is also designated for archaeological finds as well as relics which symbolize the town’s history and culture.

The Jewish Cemetery
Today, you will find structures which commemorate the Jewish people in Katowice. This is one of the most well-preserved cemeteries in Silesia.
You should also try and go to the old mining communities such as the Nikiszowiec and the Rynek which features some well-kept and maintained houses from the 1800s.
Katowice will find it difficult to beat the other destinations in this part of Europe when it comes to tourism. It does not have medieval castles or scenic riverside views. However, it has its share of cultural and historical gems which are truly enjoyed by a lot of people.

If you came to this town by bus or on other forms of transportation, getting a vehicle from a Katowice car rental company is a good decision since driving around town is still the best way to explore this small Polish town.

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