Fall in Love with Thai Cuisine

Anywhere in the world you may be, in Australia or wherever, it is easy to find food you crave. If you are in love with Thai cuisine, don’t worry. There are lots of restaurateurs who are, too. They are able to bring this rich food culture closer to every different culture. If you require services for catering Sydney, you can order Thai food for your parties.

However, nothing beats authentic. So, if you are really serious about learning more on Thai food, travel to the country and have a culinary tour.

Discover Region’s Best

thaifoodThailand has five different culinary regions, each offering a different twist to the spicy and savory Thai food. If you head north, don’t expect to find coconut milk based food. Unlike in south, coconut trees are very few and far in between here. What the people here boast is their endless supply of red meat and fresh vegetables. Sticky rice is also eaten here every day, to accentuate all the spicy meat and veggies dishes.

In Northeast, there is also a good supply of meat. But since this is the poorest region of all, no part of the animal is wasted. The innards of beef, boar, pork, and chicken are also turned into dishes. Green papaya salad is their most popular recipe.

If you travel south, you will enjoy much of what Thai catering usually offer – curry, curry, curry. There is another popular ingredient in Southern cuisine. That is seafood. Fish and fish sauce are popular here.

The Central Plains is known for its rice production. This is where noodle and rice dishes can be enjoyed best, with its enormous supply of fragrant jasmine rice, accentuated with savory beef, chicken, or fish.

Bangkok is the fifth region that you could not miss for its richness in tasty food and delicacies. For most, it is a street food haven where endless number of skewers or satay sticks can be bought. Spring rolls, fish cakes, and stir fries – which are mostly included in party catering menus – are also widely sold.

The taste of Thai food is definitely lingering. Apart from its full-bodied flavors, some are also particularly intriguing. If you judge from the look alone, you are dawned to miss the specific dishes that you cannot miss because they are heavenly in taste but not necessarily on how they are served. It is a great gastro adventure, if you ask us.

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