Sex & Aging

A few decades ago, before testosterone booster tablets and the popular blue pill came out in the market, most men found their 50s or 60s a very depressing stage in their lives. This is, after all, the supposed end of their sexuality. Trying to have an erection and maintain that during intercourse is very difficult at this time.

But that does not mean that it’s the end of an exciting and sexually satisfying life. As mentioned earlier, there are now numerous medications used to ‘treat’ this problem, albeit most of those only offer temporary results.

menshealthYou could take those meds, hopefully under the supervision of a doctor or as prescribed, and see good results. But you need to understand that there are so many reasons for the problem aside from low testosterone levels, which is admittedly expected in aging.

Here are some very helpful tips on how you can maintain your libido in your later years.

Keep Things Exciting 

This is easier said than done for some people. However, we aren’t just talking about different, animated positions – although if you can still manage it, go ahead and give it a try. We’re referring to routines. If you think you feel like doing it in the morning rather than at night, then try that.

Talk to a Therapist 

Speaking to a psychologist does not immediately mean that you have a grave mental problem. Aside from asking for medications which you could use, your therapist can help you deal with the fact that aging is normal and that there are numerous erectile dysfunction tips on how you can deal with ED.

Open Up to Your Spouse 

For some people, this is a very taboo subject but if you open up to your spouse, she may understand what’s happening to you and how you are feeling about the changes in your life. Your partner can even join you on sessions with your therapist so that you won’t feel alone and depressed about it.

Romance is Different from Sex 

Some people tend to focus on the act and not the significance behind the act. After all, you can still be intimate with your partner even without or with lesser sexual intercourse. Aging does not just mean dealing with physical changes. Your abilities and needs will also change.

Once you have a better understanding of this, you can deal with ED better. Believe it or not, this is also a very effective premature ejaculation cure for those people who are too stressed about sex in general.

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