Travel Africa and Enjoy the Adventure

africa-mapAfrica is a unique continent where each country or part of a country has its own culture. It is a vast continent with fifty four sovereign countries, having large metropolises, hospitable people and attractive and diverse landscape. Africa is arguably second largest continent in respect to land area and population. It is common for people from west, to refer to Africa as land of war, drought, poverty and corruption, ironically most of its countries are peaceful, well fed and of working class. Tourists who travel Africa can testify this.

Africa is bounded by Indian Ocean to the southeast, to the west by Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to the north. it contains unique features worth notable worldwide like, the world’s longest river :river Nile, which run from Burundi to Egypt, tallest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro found in Tanzania and the second largest river in terms of discharge :river Congo found in D.R.C among others.

There is a wide range of climates found in Africa; this is due to the fact that it’s the second largest continent in the world. Closer to the equator on islands like Mauritius, temperatures may be less than twenty degrees. In temperate regions, temperatures range from ten to fifteen degrees. For arid regions, the temperatures may hit up to fifty degrees but since sand do not retain heat the same temperatures may drop up to fifteen degrees. In elevated areas such as Algeria, are usually cold during winter. However, much of the continent is warm with few are experiencing temperatures considered “hot” or “cold”.

The easiest way to travel Africa is to fly direct to an African country from its former colonies. However, flying to those countries can be expensive due to the high fare charges charged by the transport service providers. It’s important for one to view destinations articles so that you can be in a position to get particular information about various flights.

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