3 Sensible Solutions when you get locked out

What do you do when you get locked out of your own house? Do you say, “Are there any best locksmiths near me?” Do you run around and circles trying to remember if you have a spare key? It’s a frustrating situation to get in to and can cause anxiety and panic attacks if you face this kind of situation. John Johnson, co-founder and CEO of August, a smart lock company reveals that millions of us face this predicament every year. “2 million people. 2 million people were locked out of their homes last year,” said Johnson to Business Insider Australia

Without a spare key and without friends and relatives to help, are there other ways to solve this predicament? For sure, there are locksmiths in Sydney that can immediately provide the help you need. But what if you want to hack it yourself? “Is there a way to do it on my own first?” you might ask. There are a couple of ways to do it on your own but before doing it, make sure you are not violating any laws. And only do this with the permission of your landlord if you are renting.

Check for other open doors or windows

At first, you might say, “I don’t need the best locksmiths near me. I can do this.” With much confidence and wit, you might just. If you remember your house well, the first thing to do is check your property if there are any doors or windows left open. Typically, bathroom windows and sliding doors are always left open. Next is to check the window nearest the locked door. The back door or kitchen door is also worth checking.

Get a lock pick set

If you’re feeling a little bit crafty, using a lock pick set might interest you. How cool is it to be your own locksmith right? Lock pick sets cost around AU$20 to AU$50 on Amazon. Note that while it is not illegal to own one, it can be used as evidence against you if you get caught up in some naughty and illegal activities. So make sure to use this for the right reasons.

Break the lock

“What if the best locksmiths near me are not available?” you might ask. In cases like this, while highly discouraged, you may need to resort to applying some force and break the actual door apart. If the doorknob is cheap and standard, whacking it hard with a claw hammer would do. This will destroy the lock mechanism allowing you access to your house. 

Stop worrying about where to look for the best locksmiths near you in Sydney, visit https://www.platinumlocksmiths.com.au/


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Express Yourself Better Using Luxury Kitchen Designs

Many people define luxury mainly because of money as if everything associated with it requires money to exist. In reality, however, luxurious designs can be affordable and accessible, making it a lot easier for homeowners on a budget to experience luxury. Luxury kitchen design is one style that has been touched by many artists. Still, it is only now that it has become available to most people, especially in Australia.

Highly customizable

Much like any other available styles on the market, this type of design can also be customized according to a client’s taste and personal preferences. Choices can greatly affect the entirety of the look that is why a lot of designers are threading this part a lot carefully. A kitchen company may do several interviews with the homeowner before proceeding on creating a design, and afterward, will seek more feedback to improve the overall approach.

It’s the collaboration and sense of teamwork that makes it a lot better, especially when using luxury to express one’s mind better.

An avenue for creativity

Having the feature mentioned above, creativity should always follow. The latest kitchen designs are becoming much more complex despite being simple in terms of materials and design. This beautiful contrast is one reason why luxurious kitchens are being sought after by many people, it’s that avenue for creativity that makes them go wild!

Affordable and sturdy materials

The idea of a luxury kitchen design can steer in many ways. Designers may use any materials, either wood or metal, to cope and deal with the circumstance. Despite providing a luxurious vibe and feel, these designers don’t charge that as they are basing their value through their effort and output. When it comes to the paying part, you’ll completely feel okay with the transaction without any pang of regret.


If you’re bored and tired of your luxurious motif, you can throw in some designs to spice up your household’s interior and exterior. One thing that luxury kitchen design nails the most is its ability to cope with any designs that are being introduced. Both aren’t even fighting to grab attention as they are both succeeding in doing so without exerting effort too much. This level of versatility is another thing that is very important for showcasing what you have in mind through luxury designs.

Whether it is only for a kitchen, we can’t deny the impact that this design variation has made, and we’re giving credit as it helped others showcase what they indeed are without using too many texts, it’s just a design.

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Can My Business Survive this Crisis?

Many businesses are going to get hit hard – if not already – from the current Coronavirus pandemic. The economic disruption already falls in the trillions of dollars lost, putting households, small businesses, companies, and corporations into deep debt.

If we are all being honest, chances are, you might feel scared, uncertain and doubtful of what the future will bring:
What do I do now?

Should I let my staff go?

Do I aggressively save more money and eliminate expenses?

What’s going to happen with my clientele?

Will my clients stay with me or let me go?
The questions can go on and on and although there are no easy or right answers, what is happening is that we are being called upon to evolve, adapt and respond to change very quickly,
Here are a few ideas to start planning and implementing to help you navigate through this crisis:

Start with a three-month business strategy. You need to know exactly what you need to do and how to do it in the next 90 days. How is cash flowing into your business? What inventory can you reduce to free up cash? What other ways can you deliver your product and service? Focus on your mental and physical energy. Spend time understanding what your clients need now, how you can meet their needs and ways you can position yourself to be in front of people so they can know, like and trust you.

Market your business to reflect what is currently happening. As a collective, we are searching for leadership, certainty and income security. We are searching for answers to our current pains, not solutions to our future problems. Those who are going to seek your business right now must feel you can help them now and that their investment in your business is something they can rely on. Consider, who is your client and how will you position your business so that you can reach and speak directly to that person.

Incorporate more digital marketing. Being indoors, spending time online and with more people searching for solutions on the internet, this is the prime opportunity to focus on connection, conversation, and community in digital marketing strategies. Build your email list, grow your social media following, create ad campaigns to reach new audiences,

Believe you can grow your business and survive this crisis. Remember the days you said you wish you had time to work on that mini- business project, or a down week to implement new services, create new products or learn a new skill? Well, here it is. Now is the time to be giving more to your clients. Now is the time to help them meet their pressing needs and concerns. Now is the time to work through your strategic and marketing plan. Now is the time to grow your skills so you can grow your business. Be confident in your ability to figure things out.

Businesses that focus on these main areas are going to become successful. By paying attention to client needs and how to address them with your business effectively and efficiently, be reassured that, this too shall pass.

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Ways to Immortalize Your Special Day

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments no one should miss but how can you make it last a lifetime? Is it just by having the best wedding photos? Don’t worry, we have more tricks on how you can make each moment immortalized and we’re going to share them with you here.

There are special days like weddings that only happen once. Such an event is also special because there are a lot of things that happen that no one would want to miss and forget. It’s a good thing that there are some ways to make them last forever. Yes, you read it right. Thanks to the advancements in our technology and to the creativity of some people, it is possible.

First, we have wedding photography. The most popular and basic way to document special days like weddings is by having the best wedding photos. You can ask your photographers to capture every emotional reaction, ask them to capture creative poses, etc. But aside from that, some studios and photographers now offer photo booth services with added props that you and your partner, as well as your guests, will enjoy. You can also have photo flipbooks where you can make your photos seem to move by flipping the pages.

Aside from hiring a professional photographer to have the best wedding photos to look back to after your special day, you can also opt for wedding videography. This one is starting to gain more and more attention because of the unique experience that it can bring. You see, with photos, for instance, all you can get to see is your guest crying or laughing but this won’t remind you what made them react like that. But with videography, you can even get to laugh with your loved ones because everything is recorded on tape – you’ll hear the jokes, the music – everything. And this can also tell more stories than photos.

In addition to hiring the best wedding photographer and/or videographer, you can also ask your guests to take photos during your wedding. You can add some “quests” to your invitation and ask them to take photos of the bride walking the aisle, the groom crying, photos of the parents, the entourage, etc. and ask them to upload the photos with your wedding hashtag. It’s not just a way to make some noise about your wedding but you can also get to control your guests from taking photos, make them have more fun, and let them take their Auckland wedding photography to a new level.

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Helping Short Term Accommodations Enjoy Trending Garden Ideas

Short term accommodations in Australia spend a portion of its operating budget in creating and maintaining a front yard or garden to lure more guests. Part of the job is choosing plants or using potted plants, creating curved lines and keeping the grass manicured and clean. The management usually hires an additional worker for the job or delegate it to garden construction services. Besides having the yard and the garden well-maintained, the short term accommodation is able to offer trending gardens and landscaping to its guests for additional attractions.

Choosing native plants

Not all managers-owners of short term accommodations know about gardening and maintaining a yard and only through a garden or landscaping expert, his property get to enjoy popular garden trends like choosing native plants that are specific for the region and that are with easy upkeeps. Native plants in the garden also reduce the cost of water consumption as well as the pruning price. Garden construction services advise property owners on why choosing native plants is best for the region and on how it can also add interest and natural beauty to the property. With native plants on the garden, visitors and guests also get informed on Australia’s native plants and enjoy their natural beauty.

Potted plants

Short term accommodation like apartments may lack space for a garden but with a garden service provider, it can offer green and beauty space for its guests through potted plants. Garden services incorporate pots into a small landscaping or small garden space to add colors and interest to the area. These custom-made boxes and pots allow the garden to be of low maintenance as well as mobile for versatility.

Curved lines

Short term accommodation adds more appeals to its curve by creating curved lines around flower gardens, pathways and sidewalks, and corners. The garden maintenance is low while the enhancement is all year long .Creating curved lines get away from boring straight lines and transform them into beauty. The property, therefore, enjoys low gardening upkeeps while offering beauty and green space for its guests.

Short term accommodation owners and managers need to research garden constructions and maintenance in order to create a garden that suits its budget and business goal. Doing so may lead to having divided attention on management and on other operational duties. However, with garden construction services, not only the property will be well-advised on its garden and landscaping needs but also enjoy reduced cost on labor and administration expertise. It keeps the burden easy and light.

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How Hospitality Businesses Benefit from Mobile Apps Development

When hotels and travel businesses engage directly with potential travelers, they can understand them better, and therefore offer what these travelers are exactly looking for. To facilitate these offers faster, hotels and travel businesses must-have mobile apps built especially for them by iOS and android app developers. These mobile apps are the best tools for connecting them with future customers.

Enjoying trending mobile marketing

AR/VR marketing allows users to get close to the product or services. Hotels wanting to give their future tenants the “feel” of their room ambiance, beauty and experience are now turning to virtual reality technology. This kind of marketing allows hotels to drive travelers to experience their offer and book a room. Android app developers simply built a mobile app that will allow users to access virtual reality content on their Android devices such as phones and tablets. The specific app is tasked to perform specific tasks to connect users and allow them to interact with the experience. With trending mobile apps, a hospitality business will surely enjoy some forward moves from competitors.

Android mobile applications

Android mobile applications are specifically directed for android mobile development. There are free Android apps and priced apps. Developers are tasked to ensure apps work seamlessly and to provide great user experience. Hotels and travel businesses engaging app developers in Sydney will be able to find what android users need to experience better mobile experience while browsing their mobile websites. They can build apps for the best listening experience, payments, and bookings. Android users can have a constant reminder about hotel offers such as lowest room rates for the day or promo room rates. A specifically built android app for the travel business, on the other hand, can enjoy great visibility on all android devices allowing users to find its offers such as scheduled trips and the lowest trip packages. Mobile apps developers always ensure your business gets only the most popular apps for users as these apps will define the purpose of having them for your mobile sites. The deciding factor is which among the apps will grab potential travelers’ attention. These developers also ensure all apps are maintained to stay relevant in delivering hospitality purposes such as a place to stay, trips and tours.

If you are a hospitality business and still without a mobile site and apps, it is time to consult android apps developers near you and start reaping the benefits of mobile application development for hotels and travel businesses like increased bookings and sales.

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Bathroom Maintenance 101: Why It’s Important

They say that one of the most comfortable places in the entire house is our bathroom. Whenever there’s an issue with our bathroom, we tend to call professionals for shower leak repairs in Sydney but not everyone does that. If you are one of those that don’t like to avail such services, here are some reasons why you should do so.

Prevent Further Issues

One of the top reasons why you should call a professional during such issues is that not only can they fix issues quickly, they can also prevent further problems from happening. They are capable of doing jobs such as sealing shower leaks to prevent bigger and more expensive issues later on. If you don’t want to spend thousands on repairs, get your bathroom fixed immediately.

If you are a hotel owner, you’d want issues like these sorted out immediately to keep your guests comfortable.

Prevent Injuries and Health Conditions

When your bathroom is always wet, there’s a good chance that mold and bad bacteria will thrive in it. Another reason why shower leak repairs in Sydney is popular is that people want to avoid health conditions that they can get with mold and bacteria. These diseases include lung and skin complications.

Other than that, wet shower floors are often the cause of injuries and accidents inside the house. There are many homeowners that have waterproof bathroom floors so as to avoid such cases from happening. As you can see, availing such services keeps you safe as well.

Obviously, you don’t want your hotel guests suffering from these complications as you could end up getting sued!

Keep Guests Comfortable

At the end of the day, having a bathroom with no issues or any complications can help your guests in the hotel feel a lot happier. The good thing is that there are many companies that offer shower leak repairs in Sydney so you wouldn’t have any trouble reaching out to anyone. While it may set you back several dollars, it is a great investment. This is because it comes with big returns in the long run.

The moment you see your shower leaking, you’ll need to act fast and have it fixed immediately. This is one of the keys to having a well-maintained home or hotel. It’s for you and your guests benefit too so be sure to not skimp out on the amazing services available as these will lead to greater things later on.

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Tips and Guidelines for Home Theater Set-up for Hotels and Short Term Accommodation investors

If you are a short term accommodation investor and would like to upgrade the entertainment area of your facility, a complete home theater will surely add more value to your property. Here are some tips and guidelines for home theater set-up for your rental property.

Know what your guests need

It is best to talk to a home theater and entertainment installer and discuss what exactly your tenants want and need. Some guests may prefer the set up for gaming activities while some would like it for plain visual entertainment. It is best that your team knows whether space is to be used as living area or as a visual entertainment room in order for the set up to function as it is intended. Home theater set up generally adheres to the design and interiors of the room in order to integrate the entertainment and relaxation goals of the setup.

Know how much you can spend

A home theater may demand high valued appliances such as TV and audio systems. An average home theater set up comes with speakers, DVD or console game video input, a TV and a home theater receiver or Surround Sound receiver. Sometimes antenna, cable and satellite box complete a grand home theater entertainment package. Home audio systems may cost a lot but high-quality audio can really make a big difference in the entertainment value of the setup. It is recommended to go for licensed home theater installers with offers of complete setup and can give professional advice on major installation projects. Bear in mind that your tenants’ experience is the top priority of your home theater installation, which only professionals and licensed home theater installers can deliver. Your budget will be generally the basis for what components go with the installation. Every detail will be noted and taken care of and you get complete set up with the expected experience for the intended users based on how much you can spend.

Your goal in having a home theater set up is to provide a complete entertainment experience for your guests and tenants and the role of the home theater installers is to provide that experience through the complete set up of your home theater. Both the primary goal is focusing on delivering the final experience which is good and high-quality home theater entertainment right at the comfort of your property’s suites or units.

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Brisbane’s Electricians: The Pros You Should Trust

We all know how important electricity is, especially if you run a short-term accommodation business. And so it is always best to team up with an electrician in North Brisbane. They can make sure that you have a good electrical supply in your building.

Ever since it was invented, we have been relying on electricity a lot. Aside from helping us finish our tasks faster, it also adds more comfort. And because of that, it makes everything convenient for us and so it’s hard to imagine even an hour without electricity. Without it, it’s even impossible to run a business, especially a short-term accommodation. And so, it is always best that you know who to call and where to find the right residential electricians to work with.

North Brisbane has a lot of electricians whom you can call. But why them?

  1. They provide a wide variety of services

It’s not enough that your hired electricians only know how to install lights and repair wirings. A good electrician, like the electrician in North Brisbane, should know how to work on other electric-related issues such as upgrades, renovations, and even routine maintenance. In this way you can also save money as you won’t have to call for other service providers to perform other electrical operations.

  1. They provide affordable services

Especially if you’re just starting out in the hotel industry, we all know that affordable electricians is a must to have by your side. This will help you a lot with your cost budget. North Brisbane’s electricians can provide affordable services and they can assure you a high-quality result too.

  1. They give quality results

Speaking of results, the electrician in North Brisbane can give high-quality results too. Just because they charge less doesn’t mean the results aren’t that impressive. They can always provide the best services and will provide fast and effective solutions that will not compromise your building, as well as your staff and guests’ safety.

Electrical issues are not that easy to handle on your own, especially if you’re not that knowledgeable in this kind of field. One wrong move and it could cause damages to your building which could affect your guests negatively. Or worse, electrical issues could cost lives if accidents happen due to faulty wirings. Before any electrical-related issue arises, it is always best to know who and where you should call for professionals who can help you with your electrical connection.

Go for trusted and reliable electrical services in Brisbane. Visit https://www.electracare.com.au/.

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Security Tips When Travelling

There’s a lot to worry about when you’re far from home, but the most common concern is security. Alarm systems at transient homes always vary, and one persisting worry is that you’d be out touring the town and come back to your temporary flat with all your drawers out and your stuff long is gone. Finding a place to stay when traveling always brings up concerns about space, cleanliness, and accessibility; you don’t really want to have to worry about shady old locks when you could be enjoying your trip abroad.

If you’re on vacation, there are some measures you can take if you’re staying in an old flat. Replacing the knobs and locks with a new one should definitely be a priority if your stay pans out to months more than weeks. You’re never sure who had copies of the keys for your current locks, but be sure to bring it up with the landlord beforehand.

However, if you’re running a hotel, an inn, or other such accommodation-oriented business, consider investing more in your security. Alarm systems are not only a concern for your tenants; it should be the top priority for you as well. Aside from being customer-friendly, you’d want to make sure that your business isn’t at risk of any loss due to theft or other similarly illicit activities. Depending on how busy your place is, you’re looking anywhere between a dozen to hundreds of people going in and out of your vicinity a day. If anything happens where you’d need to open an investigation, how would you be able to monitor all of them without stepping over privacy regulations?

One way for you to be able to ensure a smoother experience is through adapting electronic security alarm systems. Aside from being able to monitor which times tenants check in and out more easily, it also lessens concerns when doors automatically lock. These types of locks are typically more difficult to pick by your average larcenist.

In addition, going with electronic security systems can reduce the amount of time you have to spend scheduling a meeting with your local locksmith. Having to keep track of every single key, and to duplicate or replace lost ones pales in comparison to the ease of keycards. While there are plenty of reliable locksmiths around in Australia, having the added factor of convenience is definitely a boon when you’re a weary traveler looking to keep your valuables on you as light as possible. It’s easier to have a ton of fun and wander around foreign places when you don’t have to worry about the little things.

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