Move Comfortably and Play Sports With Sportswear

Technology has truly invaded almost every aspect of human lives. For instance, the advancement in technology plays significant role in the changes happening in the sporting world, mainly the clothes and accessories the athletes wear. There are many reasons why the innovations in sportswear are being made and developed. Here are some reasons:

  • sportswearIn sports, movement is necessary whether you play basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and many more sports activities. Athletes should be able move freely and comfortably in which the athletic apparel they wear must not hinder them in their movements. This is why most of the athletic apparel are made with scientifically studied fabrics and more importantly, lightweight and form fitting ones. Of course, different sports will require different fabrics.

  • Safety is also considered in most sportswear clothing. Some of the athletic apparel is fused with safety accessories such as those soccer socks and sleeves in which some have added padding for more support for the portion of the body it covers.

  • The thermal properties of the athletic apparel are also important.  During hot or warm situations, the apparel should let the athlete to stay cool, while during the cold cases, athlete should stay and feel warm while playing.

  • Also, some of the fabrics of athletic apparel come with moisture wicking property. This property makes the moisture caused by the athletes sweat to draw away or absorb the liquid through the capillary action and this will leave the athletic apparel still dry and lightweight while on the playing field.

On top of the benefits of the athletic apparel, there is an increasing trend for these items of clothing to become fashionable. Fashionable sportswear is becoming a trend since 2011 in which consumers are purchasing athletic apparel for the sake of fashion and style. In fact, in the US, the sales of the athletic apparel or active wear in both men and women rose to about 3.2% in 12-month period from the first quarter of 2010 until first quarter of 2011.

The sales continue to rise until now. According to the experts in the clothing industry, the growth in the athletic apparel sales can be attributed to the intrinsic changes in the way that these items of clothing are made and designed also in the fact that athletic apparel syncs agreeably with the general trends  in the fashion industry. The direction it is heading is to be more functional as well as stylishly appealing.

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