Why You Need a Leaf Guard

One of the worst household chores is cleaning out the gutters. Rain and wind can sweep up all kinds of debris and stick it in, but you could always install a leaf guard to mitigate any irreparable damage these could cause.

One of the main roles of house gutters is to channel water from the roof to outside the home’s foundation so it won’t deal with water damage. However, without any kind of gutter leaf protection, it gets clogged by accumulated leaves or other similar debris, it could cause the water to pour outside the channel to the structure’s foundation, causing water damage or mold to grow.

Additionally, gutters are often supported by wooden boards. When the gutters clog, the boards soak up water pooled in by whatever’s blocking it, and the boards deteriorate. The rotting boards cause the system to fail and may even cause larger water damage without proper gutter protection.

A nightmare in its own right, dealing with the ice dams that form in gutters during the winter can be frustrating. These can form on either the lower edge of the roof or the gutter system itself without a leaf guard, causing the water to fill in and eventually get into the house. Clogged gutters also prevent water from draining, which increases the likelihood of ice dams from forming. While this can happen to clean gutters as well, installing a gutter guard can decrease the amount of maintenance you have to do for your house.

Weird as it may sound, plants can also grow in your gutters. The roof is technically a good place to get a lot of sunlight in, and the gutters are more or less a regular source of water. If a seed finds its way there along with the dirt and debris, you’ll definitely have more trouble keeping it leaf-free. Gutter protection can also prevent weird stains (usually from water spilling over where it shouldn’t) from appearing from the side of your house.

And to top it off, who wants to spend their afternoon shooing away animals from their roof? Possums, mice, squirrels–even birds sometimes find gutters comfortable to settle in, and a bird’s nest isn’t the most sanitary thing to have around. Leaf guard gutters can be fitted to make it slightly more inconvenient for them to hang around too long, much less make a home out of it.

Preventive maintenance could also mean a lot less sagging in the future. When your gutters get clogged, everything accumulates, which means weight. Leave the debris in there long enough and not only will your gutters stop channeling water away from your home; it will also cause your gutters to pull away and eventually break free from your home, causing a larger installation headache than a simple leaf guard would have.

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